Thursday, September 24, 2009

LumiGlow Testimonial - Burning Face

I suffered a seriuos face burning. I was introduced to LumiGlow cream by my brother and after 5 days of applying the LumiGlow Cream, my Face Back to Normal. Thanks to LumiGlow

LumiGlow Testimonial - Men Sexual Problems

Name : Khairuddin Bin Hj. Mad Zain
Age    : 38
From : Cheras, KL

Health concerns : Waning sexual appetite, after LumiGlow® : Fuyoooooo!

LumiGlow Testimonial - Diabetes

swolen feet and infections, after using LumiGlow back to Normal.

LumiGlow Testimonial - Miscarriage

Nama : Dayang Daliana Awang Talib
Umur : 34 tahun
Asal : Miri, Sarawak

Miscarriage 8 times in 5 Years- after applying LumiGlow - happy to have 1st baby.

LumiGlow Testimonial - Swollen Face

Nama : Nadzmi B. Nadzri
Umur : 38 Tahun
Asal : Kajang, Selangor

Involved in Motorcycle accidents , swollen face and wound - after six (6) days applying LumiGlow Cream Face back to normal

LumiGlow Testimonial on Pigmentation, uneven skin & eye bag

Name; Doris
After 3 months of using LumiGlow skin becomes even no more pigmentation and eye bag. Thank to LumiGlow Cream.

LumiGlow Cream Men

Male health problems associated with hormonal imbalance:

Age 50 and below : 
Easily tired, cold feet and hands, lack of energy, constipation, lack of appetite, weight loss, muscle pain, cramps, etc.
Mentally : 
Lack of concentration, moodiness, become very sensitive, insomnia, depression, etc.
Sexuality : 
Lack of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, impotence, etc, 
Renal function : 
Frequent urination, incontinence, etc.
Cardiovascular function : 
Headache, cold sweats, heart palpitation, cold feet and hands.

LumiGlow® May Help To Settle All These Problems

LumiGlow for Women

In short, female problems associated with hormone imbalance are as follows: 

(age 20)
Pimples, flat-chested, menstruation cramps, etc.
(age 30)
Infertility, insomnia, lethargy, skin becomes less firm, wrinkles, etc
Middle age
(age 40)
Sagging breasts, osteoporosis, cold feet and hands, pigmentation, arthritis, etc.
(age 50 and above)
Gout, hair loss, night sweats, moodiness, hot flashes, wrinkles, etc.

LumiGlow® May Help To Settle All These Problems!